Data transfers

Purchased data can be added to an Owner Account only, even if the data purchase has been completed by Admin or Payer user. If the Owner Account needs to transfer data to any other QTAKE ID, he needs to initiate a data transfer.

When logged in under an Owner Account you can see a new tile on the Dashboard which provides more information about the status of your QTAKE Cloud Stream Data. If you are not logged in under an account with Owner privileges, you will not see the new tile. Click on the Send data link to directly access the Send data form. Or the green lightning icon to access the list of your data transactions and proceed to the Send data form from there.

History of data transactions includes all credit and debit scenarios: data purchase with a link to order details, data transfers received and data transfers sent. If you wish to initiate a new data transfer, click the blue Send data button.

In the Send data form you can see:

  • QTAKE ID of data sender – i.e. your email address,
  • slider to select how much data you want to transfer – min. 1 GB, max. the currently owned data amount,
  • field to enter the QTAKE ID of the data recipient – one of your teammates or a new email address,
  • field to enter a note, such as the Project name to keep track of data transfers related to certain projects,
  • data calculator to estimate how much data you will need for a combination of the number of cameras, clients/devices, and stream bitrate.

Once the data transfer is completed, both the data sender and recipient will receive an email confirmation and the transaction will be recorded in the Data Transactions.