Renting QTAKE 1.x license

This rental configurator is specifically designed for orders of licenses based on the 1.x licensing model: QTAKE 1.x licenses (incl. QTAKE 1.x Lite and QTAKE 1.x Live) and QTAKE Server licenses.  It can be launched by clicking the New Rental item in the top menu and selecting QTAKE 1x. 

If you wish to rent a QTAKE Pro (2.x) license instead, please see the article about QTAKE Pro rentals.

Licenses issued in the 1.x licensing model are always locked to a machine ID – i.e. to a computer ID or to a dongle ID. Therefore make sure you have already added one or more machines to your account before you start.

Step 1: Disabling or enabling virtual licenses for the new order

Customers who have purchased a virtual license can decide whether or not they want to apply any free portion of their virtual license on a particular order. If there are any free days left for some modules in your virtual license pool, you will see a green circle with a number next to the module's checkbox. 

The number in the green circle represents how many "free" days can be applied in a particular order. For example: if you need a license for 7 days and the number indicates 2, then you will consume the 2 free days in the order and will be charged for the remaining 5 days.

If you do not wish to spend the "free" days from your virtual license pool, check the Disable free license box.

Step 2: Modules selection

QTAKE's licensing structure is modular, therefore you can either select standalone modules in your order or some of the pre-defined bundles. More information about each module can be found by clicking the (i) symbol. Please note some modules – such as GRADE – are shared between applications. Therefore if you check such a shared module in one application, it will be automatically selected also under any other shared application, but you won't be charged twice. 

Step 3: Start/end date selection

To select the days on which your license will be valid, you can either use the slider or the calendar picker.

Step 4: Machine selection

Selecting the correct machine for a 1.x license is crucial and the license you will order will be locked to the selected machine until its end date. Modifications of 1.x licenses are not possible, therefore please be very careful when selecting the machine ID for your order. If you are not sure what your machine ID is, check this article.

Once a license is generated, it is not possible to modify or deactivate it, therefore returns of incorrect orders are not possible. Please pay full attention to selecting the correct machine ID (dongle ID=DID or computer ID=EID) for your order.

Step 5: Rental name selection

Naming your rental in a familiar way – for example by the name of the project you work on – helps to quickly identify your order. If you will not provide a name for your rental license, it will be generated by the system.


  • If you are not able to see the New Rental item in your main menu, you might not have sufficient user permissions.
  • Depending on your user permissions, you will be able to add the configuration to a Wish List or also directly to Cart.
  • License validity starts on START DATE at 00:00 local time and ends at midnight of END DATE +1DAY, to cover your overnight projects.
  • Not sure whether to use a Wish List or a Cart? Learn about the difference.
  • Once a license has been generated, it is not possible to modify or deactivate it, therefore returns of incorrect orders are not possible. Please pay full attention to selecting the correct DID or EIDfor your order.