Ordering credits

In addition to renting short-term QTAKE licenses and making use of the virtual license pools, Rental Shop can also be used to purchase credits for QTAKE Cloud services. Just like when ordering a rental QTAKE license, there is a simple and intuitive one-page credits configurator. Credits are not dependent on a machine ID – instead, they are tied to your QTAKE ID, i.e. your email address used to log in to QTAKE Cloud.

Purchased credits can currently be added to an Owner Account only, even if the purchase has been completed by an Admin or Payer user. If the Owner Account needs to transfer credits to another user QTAKE ID  – i.e. to another QTAKE ID – he needs to initiate a credits transfer. If the Operators Account then needs to transfer the credits back or to another QTAKE ID, he needs to sign up for the Owners Account using the same QTAKE ID as for his Operators Account.

How to choose the right amount of credits

  • To estimate how many credits you need, move the sliders and the calculators will automatically show for how long you will be able to use the QTAKE Cloud Stream or QTAKE Cloud Sync service respectively. 
  • You can purchase more credits than for just one project. Data credits never expire, you can share them with other users and bigger volumes are more price convenient. Contact us for a bulk purchase quote.