Machine registration

Registration directly from QTAKE

Step 1: List of QTAKE machines

To register a machine directly from QTAKE is easy as QTAKE will automate parts of the process. Run QTAKE, go to Info > License window and select Machines tab. If you aren't yet logged into your QTAKE Rental Shop account, log in. Machines tab will show you a list of machines (both dongle-IDs and/or computer-IDs) which you are currently using. Select a machine which is not yet registered and click the Register button. 

Step 2: Machine registration form

QTAKE will access your Shop account and pre-fill information in the machine registration form. You only need to enter a meaningful Machine name (and Description, if you wish). Choose the Machine name wisely - it will help you and your operators to select the proper machine at the time of the rental order.

Step 3: Return to QTAKE

Press the green Register button and return back to QTAKE. If needed, refresh the machines list with the Update button. Your new machine will now be highlighted in green, ready for a rental order.

Manual registration

If for some reason you do not have access to your QTAKE system, you will have to register the machine manually. You either need to have access to the QTAKE Log or to at least know the DID or EID of the machine, to complete the registration. 

Step 1: List of QTAKE Machines

Go to QTAKE Rental Shop and log in. Click the QTAKE Machines tile on the dashboard to display the list of machines registered under your account. Afterwards, click Register new QTAKE Machine button on the bottom of the page.

Step 2: Machine registration form

Machine registration form is the same, but in case of manual registration you have to correctly enter the DID or EID values yourself. Copy the desired value, paste it into appropriate field of the machine registration form and click Register button. Not sure what is your current DID or EID? Read more.

If a machine has already been registered by another Shop user, you will be notified. The machine will be added to your My machines list, but you might not be able to perform all available actions with that machine. For more information see Types of user accounts and Renaming a machine articles.