Types of user accounts

Owner account

Owner Account can only be created by signing up in the QTAKE Rental Shop. Registration is free, simple, and only takes a few moments. Learn more. Once you create your Owner Account, you will be able to: 

  • manage your company details,
  • invite and manage teammates associated with your account,
  • submit orders and purchase rental licenses or credits,
  • send credits to other users

Operator account

Operator Account, which is something like a teammate account, can only be created by receiving an email invitation from an Owner Account. Registration is as well free and once you accept the email invitation, your role will be automatically set to "Operator". Account Owner can then choose to change the default "Operator" role to a different one, depending on the required role permissions:  

Operator PRO
Company management
Edit company details

User management
Invite new Operator Accounts

Assign roles to Operator Accounts

Remove Operator Accounts

Management of machines
Add and remove machines

Change machine details

Claim machine ownership

Orders and payments
Add, edit or delete your own Wish Lists

Add, edit or delete all Account Wish Lists

Approve Wish List (add items to Cart)

Add items directly to Cart

Edit, empty Cart or convert it into Order

Delete existing Orders

Edit date range in unfinished Order

Make a payment for submitted Order

License management
Download purchased license files

Edit operators list in deactivated QTAKE Pro licenses

Management of credits
Receive credits from a fulfilled order

Receive credits from any Owner Account

Initiate transfer of credits to any QTAKE ID

Tips & Hints

Freelance operators

A teammate can receive and accept invitations from multiple Owner Accounts, using the same email address. This is especially suitable for freelance operators working for multiple companies. In this case, remember to also select the account you are targeting/renting for. 

Subrenting a QTAKE machine

Users registered with an Operator Account can also sign up for their own Owner Account in case they are sub-renting machines from another owner and want to have the ability to rent a license for the sub-rented machine themselves. You just need to complete a new registration - as an Account Owner - using exactly the same login information (username, password) that you are currently using as an Operator (entering a new password together with an existing username/email will result in failed registration).