1.x license file not working

Validity: License expired

If the License info window shows Expired, it means that QTAKE's License folder only contains license file(s) with expired validity. It is recommended to maintain the License folder nice and tidy by deleting expired license files. Keeping the expired license files has no benefit and can only cause confusion in displaying and understanding the different license statuses.

Validity: No license

If License info window shows No license, it means that the demo version has already expired and QTAKE was not able to locate any valid license file in the License folder. Go to Applications > QTAKE > License and check whether there is a license file (not just an alias file) placed in the License folder and whether the license file has a correct .lic extension (not .zip).

Status: Wrong host

If the License info shows Wrong host or No dongle status, it means the machine ID in the license file (placed in the License folder) is not matching the machine ID in the QTAKE log. It usually happens when you rent a license for incorrect machine ID (wrong EID or dongle ID, learn more about EID vs DID).