Renting QTAKE Pro license

QTAKE Pro has been launched in April 2022 and represents the next chapter of video assist, built on the latest technologies. Learn more about QTAKE Pro and its features.

The key differences between QTAKE Pro vs. QTAKE 1.x license rentals

QTAKE Pro rentalQTAKE 1.x rental
Used by applications
QTAKE Pro 2.x
QTAKE 1.x, QTAKE Server
License locked toOperators selected during the license configurationMachine ID selected during the license configuration
License transfer to another systemPossible between all computers of operators selected in the license configurationOnly possible when the license was locked to a dongle and the dongle is now inserted in the new system
Bundles configurationCustom bundles, the more modules selected, the bigger the discountOnly pre-defined bundles available, no custom combination
Order fulfillmentLicense appears directly in QTAKE when the operator logs in with his/her credentialsLicense file that needs to be downloaded and copied into the License folder
Streaming to more than 16 devicesPRO module no more requiredAddition of PRO module required

Before you start

  • make sure your software and hardware setup is compatible with QTAKE Pro software and hardware requirements,
  • make sure the Operators you want to assign the QTAKE Pro rental to, are already listed under your account's Operators (invitations sent and accepted).

Renting a license

The QTAKE Pro rental configurator works in a similar way as the QTAKE 1.x rental configurator. 

Step 1: Disabling or enabling virtual licenses for the new order

Customers who have purchased a virtual license (e.g. the 1y/3y rental plan) can decide whether or not they want to apply any free portion of their virtual license on a particular order. If there are free days left for the modules in your virtual license pool, you will see a green circle with a number next to the module's checkbox. 

The number in the green circle represents how many "free" days can be applied in a particular order. For example: if you need a license for 7 days and the number indicates 2, then you will consume the 2 free days in the order and will be charged for the remaining 5 days. If you do not wish to spend the "free" days from your virtual license pool, check the Disable free license box.

Step 2: Modules selection

QTAKE has always been well-known for its modular structure. QTAKE Pro takes the flexibility even further with the introduction of custom bundles. The more modules are selected, the bigger the custom-bundle discount is. More information about each module can be found by clicking the (i) symbol. 

When transferring the rented QTAKE Pro license from one operator to another, modules modifications are currently not possible, therefore please select the correct modules.

Step 3: Start/end date selection

To select the days on which your license will be valid, you can either use the slider or the calendar picker. 

When transferring the rented QTAKE Pro license from one operator to another, date modifications are currently not possible, therefore please select the correct dates.

If you use QTAKE Pro for more than 4 months in a year, you will get a better deal with 1y/3y rental rates. Contact your reseller for more information.

Step 4: License name

Naming your rental in a familiar way – for example by the name of the project you work on – helps to quickly identify your license during activation and deactivation. Unlike rentals of QTAKE 1.x, the License Name field is mandatory.

Step 5: Selection of operators

Selecting operators for a QTAKE Pro license is crucial and the license will be available only to the selected operators (after they log into the QTAKE Pro application). Users with respective privileges can edit the list of operators later, but only when the license is in the Available (not Activated) state. The list of operators can be edited in the User menu of the QTAKE Rental Shop, under Active Licenses, using the green pen icon.

To learn how you can transfer a license between two systems, check the license activation info.