About QTAKE Rental Shop

QTAKE Rental Shop is a self-service license management platform where you can rent any QTAKE configuration in a matter of minutes and pay for certain functionality only when you really need it. It is fast, flexible, easy to use and accessible 24/7.

The possibilities are endless

Access the Rental Shop when you need to:

  • rent an extra module for a few days to ugrade a QTAKE license you already own,
  • get a license for your backup Mac, because you got double-booked,
  • demo e.g. QTAKE Server's possibilities to the producer,
  • get ready for a gear-check,
  • sub-rent a machine to someone else - even freelance operators associated with multiple companies,
  • or to make use of your virtual permanent license

QTAKE Rental Shop

Basic facts

Registration is free and immediate. Learn more. 
Rental configurator is flexible and easy to use. Learn more. 
Rental period can range between 1 day and 90 days.
Credit card and PayPal payments are accepted. Learn more. 
License delivery only takes a few minutes. Learn more. 

If you are looking to purchase a permanent QTAKE license or to rent a license for a period longer than 90 days, please contact us or your local dealer.