QTAKE 1.x licensing options

⚠️ ARCHIVED ARTICLE. ⚠️ Please note that orders of permanent licenses are no longer accepted, as part of the changes coming with QTAKE Pro release. Learn more. 

In general, QTAKE offers several licensing options - ranging from rentals as short as one day to owning a permanent license, which does not expire.

Permanent license

A permanent QTAKE license can be transferred between multiple machines. You can choose to purchase a permanent license by paying the full amount in one-off payment or to rent-to-own the permanent license, which means to pay 11 installments during 11 consecutive months, each in the amount of 10% of the full price. To purchase a permanent license, please contact us or your local dealer. 

Once you own a permanent license, you can choose to base it on a physical dongle (USB device) or to go for a virtual permanent license, which can be managed through the Rental Shop after purchase.

Dongle-based license
Virtual license
Virtual license
& blank dongle
SafetyIf the dongle is lost, completely damaged or stolen, the user will lose the whole QTAKE license (!), because the dongle is the license carrier.
No dongle means no worries about it's safety and no risk of losing the QTAKE license.
If the dongle is lost, you will lose the license that is currently active on it, i.e. a maximum of 90 days.
Switching computersThe license can be transferred to another computer anytime by inserting the physical dongle and copying the license file to the new computer. On the other hand, if the license has to be transferred to a computer in a different location, physical dongle must be shipped.
The license file can be downloaded 24/7 and sent by email without delays, but requires planning: new rental license can be 1-90 days long and downloaded for free only when the previous one expires (no overlapping licenses, otherwise the overlapping days will be charged).
Same as the dongle-based license.
License modularityDongle can only be used with it's specific license file. User is not able to activate just some of the modules in a purchased bundle (in case of e.g. subrenting QTAKE).
Rental license can be split into modules, i.e. an owner of HDx2 license can choose to download some or all modules included in the permanent license, for the desired number of days and desired machine.
Same as the virtual license.
USB portsOne USB port per dongle has to be reserved for QTAKE.
Doesn't require a free USB port.
Same as the dongle-based license.
Internet connectionDongle doesn't require an internet connection. Once your permanent license file is copied in the License folder and the dongle is inserted, you are good to go.
To order and download your free license files, you will need to connect to the internet and visit the QTAKE Rental Shop.
Combines benefits of both the dongle-locked and virtual license.

If you already own a permanent license based on a physical dongle and want to switch it to a virtual permanent license or the other way around, contact us.

Rental license

Rental QTAKE license means a license with limited duration. Rental licenses with a duration ranging between 1 and 90 days can be purchased through the QTAKE Rental Shop. Licenses with duration exceeding 90 days shall be purchased by contacting us or your local dealer, especially if you are interested in a long-term rental license for products such as QTAKE Server.

Rental license comes handy when you need to add an extra module for a few days to a QTAKE license you already own, to get a license for your backup machine when you got double-booked, to demo e.g. QTAKE Server's possibilities to the producer, to get ready for a gear-check or to sub-rent a machine to someone else. 

You can choose to tie your rental license either to a dongle or to a computer, by selecting the correct machine type at the time of your order. Learn more about the differences between computer-based and dongle-based machines.