Machine EID vs. DID

When at least one machine ID is registered to your account you can start renting modules from the shop to add additional features and functionality to your QTAKE package with a few simple clicks. Correctly selecting the machine ID to which your rental license shall be tied is the most important step of the ordering process.

Once a license has been generated, it is not possible to modify or deactivate it, therefore returns of incorrect orders are not possible. Please pay full attention to selecting correct DID or EID for your order.

What is DID/EID?

The machine ID can be represented by:

  • identification of your dongle (dongle ID or DID) or 
  • identification of your computer (EID)

Dongle ID (DID)

Dongle is a USB software protection device. Each QTAKE dongle has its own ID, a unique set of 8 alphanumeric characters. Renting a license tied to a dongle ID means that the license will not work without the specific dongle being inserted into your computer and recognized by QTAKE. 

Computer ID (EID)

With regards to a QTAKE license, each computer is represented by a unique EID, a set of 12 alphanumeric characters. Renting a license tied to a computer ID (EID) means that the license will not work on any other computer. 

Where to find my DID/EID?

Everytime you run QTAKE, your current EID will be written in the QTAKE_Log.txt file as well as displayed in the QTAKE UI (File room > Info menu > License button > Machines tab). 

If the dongle was inserted when you launched QTAKE, dongle ID will also be written in both QTAKE Log and QTAKE UI. If the dongle ID is still not showing up, but you are sure you have the dongle driver installed and the dongle inserted in your computer is glowing red, contact us.