Main menu

Main menu can be found in the top bar and allows access to: rental configurator, list of active wish lists, list of items currently in the cart and list of all orders. Content of some of these menus can also be accessed through the Quick Access icons, see below. Please note that some of these menus might not be displayed under your account: Cart and Orders are only available to Account Owners and Admins, while Payer will only be able to see the Orders (learn more about Types of user accounts).

New Rental 

This is your place to start if you are looking for a new rental or just a quick calculation of rental costs for QTAKE or QTAKE Server. Before you start to configure a new rental, make sure you have registered your QTAKE machines first. During the rental process, you will select the modules, start and end date while price of the rental will be calculated and displayed on the fly. If you'll then wish to proceed to the next step (adding rental configuration to a wish list or a cart), you will also need to select a machine and enter rental name. Learn more about Rental configurator

Wish Lists

Some users associated with limited permissions will only be able to add the rental configuration to a Wish List, not directly to Cart. Accessing Wish List in the main menu will display a list of rental configurations waiting for Owner's or Admin's approval. You can filter the wish lists based on the current status of a wish list to keep track of what is happening with a wish list you created (pending, added to Cart, approved/converted to Order, deleted) or restore a deleted wish list if you need to resubmit it for approval.


When a user with sufficient permission approves a Wish List, the rental configuration is moved to the Cart. The Cart is the final place to make any adjustments before proceeding to making a binding Order by clicking the Place an order button.


Orders are binding, i.e. with obligation of payment. Accessing the Orders will show you a list of all orders made under your account, with a possibility to filter the list according to date range, price range or payment status. Learn more about Payments and Order fulfilment.

Account settings

Account settings are located in the top right corner and provide easy access to Company settings, Personal settings, Operators management and Machines management. 

Quick access

The tiles on your Dashboard show number of wish lists and orders which need your attendance (approval or payment) as well as serve as quick links to the list of your machines and list of your operators. Depending on your user permissions, the number of tiles displayed on your Dashboard may vary.

Variable zone

Elements in this zone are shown or hidden not only depending on user permissions, but also depending on the current needs of your account as it displays items waiting for your approval or which need to be at hand.

Pending Rentals

Displayed if there is at least one rental configuration stored as a wish list and the wish list has not yet been approved (added to the cart), converted to an order or cancelled (deleted). As soon as the wish list will be changed to a cart item, order or deleted, Pending Rentals will be hidden again.

Pending Orders

Displays orders which are not yet completed, i.e. fulfilled. Read this article to better understand various order statuses. As soon as all your orders will be completed, Pending Orders will be hidden.

License Files

Displays license files with end date later than current day (licenses which are not yet expired as of the current day) so that you can download any of them with one click. 

License Pool

Only displayed when a virtual license has been activated for your QTAKE Rental Shop account. While on the List tab, you will see a list of active virtual licenses - both permanent virtual licenses and subscription virtual licenses. Modules availability tab will display a calendar view with red or green circles, indicating number of free licenses for particular modules/days, which comes handy of you own multiple virtual licenses. Both this tabs are just an overview of your virtual licenses. To order and download a license file in the scopes of your virtual license, you need to go to the Rental configurator.

Download links

The bottom part of the Dashboard contains links to latest official QTAKE and QTAKE Server releases. If you are looking for the most recent recommendations for the macOS/drivers, check the online QTAKE manual or QTAKE Server manual. If you want to test the most recent beta versions, contact us to request the download links.