PRO for Pro offer

"PRO for Pro" is a new offer announced in April 2023. It allows the owners of permanent QTAKE (1.x) licenses to run the latest QTAKE Pro. The price of this temporary upgrade equals the price of the PRO module rental, i.e. $70/65€ daily, $210/195€ weekly, and $700/650€ monthly.

Benefits of upgrading to QTAKE Pro 

QTAKE Pro represents our vision of a future-proof tool, built on the latest technologies. New features, new licensing options, studio-grade security, and user-driven product development. Learn more about the initial release of QTAKE Pro or check the summary of the key differences:

QTAKE Pro (2.x)
Outstanding performance and new features
QTAKE (1.x)
The legacy version 
Native Apple Silicon and Metal support
M-series support in Rosetta mode only
Streaming to an unlimited number of clients
Streaming to more than 16 clients is paid
License activation/deactivation (secure enclave)
License transfer only possible with a dongle extra
License appears directly in QTAKE Pro
License file needs to be copied to the License folder
Bug fixes only, supported until the end of 2023

How it works

The "PRO for Pro" offer can only be used with a virtual 1.x license. If you haven't yet converted your dongle-based permanent license into a virtual one, contact us for more information.

The process is simple, it takes just a few clicks to add the PRO upgrade to your QTAKE 1.x license and start using the latest features and benefits.

Step 1

Select the QTAKE Pro (2.x) rental configurator.

Step 2

Tick the Enable QTAKE 1.x pool checkbox. PRO upgrade will be automatically added to your order. If the 1.x pool is not available on some of the days selected, the full price of a QTAKE Pro license will be added for those days too.

Step 3

Select your QTAKE modules, duration of the rental license, and operators eligible to activate the QTAKE Pro license.

After checkout, the QTAKE Pro license will appear directly in the QTAKE Pro application, the operator just needs to click the Activate button (no license file is required for QTAKE Pro 2.x rentals). Please note the QTAKE Pro license deactivation is only possible on computers with Secure Enclave


If you need to use the features of QTAKE Pro (2.x) on a regular basis, it may be more effective to purchase a new QTAKE Pro plan (1y or 3y) instead of renting the PRO upgrade for your 1.x license. Check the prices of QTAKE Pro plans or get in touch with us or your reseller to get a quote.