Virtual licenses

Virtual licenses are the preferred choice of users looking for maximum flexibility and self-managed licensing. Virtual licenses are licenses stored in the Rental Shop, under your account. In comparison to dongle-locked permanent licenses, virtual licenses have introduced several benefits. The main benefit of the virtual license is, that it can not be lost permanently. It is because the Rental Shop configurator only allows downloading license files 1-90 days long. On top of that, virtual licenses can be used with or without a dongle, and downloaded license files can include all modules purchased or just some of them.. the options are numerous.

How it works

Step 1 : ORDER

Place a PO at your reseller (permanent, rent-to-own or long-term rental license).


Our customer support will process the order and activate the virtual license under your account.

Step 3 : USE

Start consuming and downloading your free, 1-90 days license files and enjoy the flexibility.


Activation of the virtual license

Virtual licenses can only be activated by Customer Support and only in case you would like to order one of these three license types through us or your reseller (that means directly processed orders, not automated orders processed through the Rental Shop):

The virtual license is being activated under your Rental Shop's account. Once the license is activated, you will see a new section on your Rental Shop's dashboard with more information about the duration of the license, modules included, and remaining free days. Switching from the List tab to the Modules availability tab will provide more details about modules available on particular days. 

Using the virtual license

With a virtual license activated under your account, you can download free, 1-90 days long license files. The license files you will download will be charged $0 as long as: 

  • the license files don't overlap in days
  • the order does not include any extra modules or streaming data

To start consuming your virtual license, go to New Rental. The number in the green circle indicates the number of free days during the selected time range. Apart from the payment, the rental configuration will be processed and the order fulfilled in the same way as ordinary rentals. 

Once a license has been generated, it is not possible to modify or deactivate it, therefore returns of incorrect orders are not possible. Please pay full attention to selecting the correct DID or EID for your order as well as other details.