Ordering a rental license

A place to start when you want to order a new rental license is the rental configurator, located in the top menu of the QTAKE Rental Shop website. Before you start make sure you have already added one or more machines to your account.

Just a few clicks away from your rental license

  • Simple, intuitive one-page tool.
  • It can be as used in two ways: as a price calculator or to order a rental license.
  • Allows to rent QTAKE, QTAKE Lite or QTAKE Server application, it's modules or bundles.
  • You can select duration in days with a slider or enter exact start and end dates in the calendar view.
  • If you wish to proceed with the configuration, pick a QTAKE machine and add a name for your project.
  • Depending on your user permissions, you will be able to add the configuration to a Wish List or directly to Cart.

Tips & hints

  • If you are not able to see New Rental item in your main menu, you might not have sufficient user permissions.
  • License validity starts on START DATE at 00:00 local time and ends on midnight of END DATE +1DAY, to cover your overnight projects.
  • Green circle with a number at module's checkbox indicates if there are any unused licenses left in your license pool.
  • Not sure whether to use a Wish List or a Cart? Learn about the difference.
  • Once a license has been generated, it is not possible to modify or deactivate it, therefore returns of incorrect orders are not possible. Please pay full attention to selecting correct DID or EID for your order.