License order fulfilment

Orders are binding with obligation of payment. When your payment has been successfully received, status of the order will change to Paid. Within a few minutes, status of your order will change to Completed and you will receive an email with your license file. If the order has been made from a wish list of an Operator, Operator will also be notified about the order fulfilment.

When you receive the license, unzip it and place the .lic file into:

  • Applications/QTAKE/License folder in case you rented a QTAKE license
  • Applications/QTAKE Server/License folder in case you rented a QTAKE Server license

Your license file will also be available on the QTAKE Rental Shop's dashboard under License files. Or, you can as well download the license file directly to QTAKE by going to the License info menu and clicking the Update button (you must be logged in to your Rental Shop account to perform the update properly).